Thank you.

Dear Chicago,

Chicago COVIDsitters is retiring, for now.

We are extremely grateful that our community is opening up again, and we will miss our COVIDsitters team and all of the incredible healthcare families and volunteers we got to work with.

Our page will stay up for several reasons:

Lately, a lot of terrible things have been happening in the world. In addition to deaths and sick people, the pandemic also brought big problems for all social institutions. In an economic crisis, people cannot receive planned treatment and, of course, problems at all levels of education. Schools, colleges, and institutes were forced to switch to distance learning. The quality of teaching has dropped dramatically. But at the same time, those who want to learn will show themselves. There is more independent work, a lot of custom paper, essays, and other things. And people who want to learn will find it much easier to go through all the troubles associated with learning and writing custom papers. It is much easier to understand the material and select reliable sources to use in research papers or essays in this format. For example, a research paper can never be complete without proper references proving your results and ideas. If a professional writer completes a custom paper, it will be done up to the academic standards and referenced with a required style.

2) We would like to keep our page up and ready in case a second wave of coronavirus arrives. Chicago COVIDsitters is prepared to support our essential healthcare workers if this occurs.

3) We would like to showcase our dedicated E-Board and our volunteers and their accomplishments from the past few months.

We thank all of the frontline essential healthcare workers who fearlessly cared for our nation in a most distressful time. Thank you for trusting Chicago COVIDsitters with the care of your loved ones.

Lots of love and best wishes,

Zoe and the Chicago COVIDsitters E-Board Team

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”

— Mahatma Gandhi