About Us

If not us, then who?

We are students supporting our community healthcare heroes on the frontlines of the battle in this unprecedented pandemic.

We support healthcare workers and other essential workers in the Chicagoland area and surrounding suburbs by offering free childcare, petsitting, and household errands. Our team provides services to anyone from resident doctors to the remarkable humans who keep our hospitals clean. Our goal is to help offset the impact of school closures and increased work demands on healthcare workers.

Our board consists of medical students. Yet, the lifeblood of this organization is made up of the student volunteers from local universities. We are humbled by their overwhelming support!

We hope other healthcare students will take the initiative to work with their local communities to develop similar services for their care teams too! 

Everyone has a role. We are in this fight together.

Meet the Board.

Our organization would not exist without the work of each and every one of our board members.


Director of Internal & External Affairs

Zoe Ljubic, Class of 2020


Co - Director of Volunteer Relations  

Erica Shroff, Class of 2021


Co - Director of Healthcare Relations

Sonali Paul, Class of 2021


Co - Director of Communications & Public Relations

Ly Ton, Class of 2020


Co - Director of Healthcare Relations

Gurinder Sunner, Class of 2021


Co - Director of Communications & Public Relations

Ashruti Hajari, Class of 2021


Co - Director of Volunteer Relations  

Kayla Blanchard, Class of 2021


Director of Risk Mitigation

Brian Conahan, Class of 2020

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Our Partners

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