Covid Rapid Response Team - Chicago

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Helping Hands - A Students for Students Movement

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This ad-hoc volunteer organization aims to support sustainable, organized, safe, and thoughtful support of local community efforts to support survival during the COVID criss. The organization consists of students across multiple health professions and volunteers from Chicago advocacy groups who organize and deploy teams to allocate and distribute personal protective equipment to frontline healthcare workers, organize blood drives, create opportunities to assist with telemedicine triage and lab testing, food drives and social support for healthcare workers, coordinate remote tutoring opportunities to assist quarantined high school students, advocate on behalf of vulnerable populations. Learn more on how you can become a volunteer here.


As schools adapt to this time of remote-learning, students' learning may be impeded by the lack of in-class time. Helping Hands: A Students for Students Movement INC provides volunteers with a way to help during this pandemic by providing virtual tutoring services to students of all ages.  In addition, Helping Hands is also pursuing other virtual endeavors to help our community during this time..

Click here if you are interested in becoming a virtual tutor or assist with other virtual opportunities.


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