Please read info below before volunteering

COVID-19 is a big deal…

Dear student,

Thank you so much for your beautiful desire to help. We started this branch of Chicago COVIDsitters because we ourselves are future doctors. These are our friends and family on the frontlines, and we will be joining the healthcare workforce in the coming months/years. It means so much to us that students from other professions are banding together to support all hospital workers.

We want to make sure you understand the risk.

All hospital staff are working with COVID-19 patients in some capacity. By entering their homes to care for their kid and pets, we want you to be aware that there is risk to your health. We recommend that you do not volunteer to provide childcare if you need to be in contact with elderly or at-risk populations. We also require that you commit to significant social distancing and stringent hygiene standards outside of your volunteering commitments. The COVID-19 pandemic will continue to get worse.

Ultimately, the choice to volunteer with healthcare worker families is yours, and yours alone.

We are so grateful for your desire to help take care of our healthcare worker family. Wishing safe health to you and your family,

- The Chicago COVIDsitters Team


Why Us?

The COVID-19 pandemic directly affects our Chicagoland community. Those on the frontlines in healthcare and public health need YOUR HELP with childcare, petcare, and running errands so they can continue to serve those affected by the virus. As schools have transitioned to online learning, we are in a unique position to step into these roles and support our community during this unprecedented time.

Inclusion Criteria:

We’re recruiting volunteers from all universities in Chicagoland area that meet the minimum requirements for childcare, petcare, and errand services:

1. Any university/college-affiliated graduate or undergraduate student (must show valid student ID)

2. Passed background check done by school/employer

3. Up-to-date on vaccinations (including most recent flu)

4. CPR/BLS certification is a plus, but not necessary!

Start Helping

Note: Chicago COVIDsitters does not conduct any background or other checks on healthcare workers or their families. It’s up to you to decide whether to assist any particular healthcare worker who submits a request. If you ever feel uncomfortable with a request, you have no obligation to fulfill it and we ask that you let us know by emailing Your safety is important to us.

These services are completely voluntary and not endorsed by, nor provided in association with, any medical college or university.  

How It Works

Healthcare and essential workers request help with childcare, petsitting, and running errands. You apply to volunteer via our google form and we pair you with a family that fits the services you are able to provide!


If at any point you can no longer volunteer, please let the family know, email us at .
If you become sick or are worried you might have been exposed to COVID-19, please email ASAP..

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